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Louisiana law argued in SCOTUS

Today, the ACLU announced that there will a case before SCOTUS about Louisiana's draconian anti-abortion laws. 
Against his own party's wishes, last May our Democratic governor Edwards signed legislation restricting abortions in this most Catholic of states. (source)
Women's hard-won rights are under attack. It is very possible that Roe v. Wade will be history in the next few years. Abortion is already out of reach for many poor women.(source)
There are MILLIONS of women affected by issues like abortion rights, and equal pay for equal work. About continuing discrimination in many different areas of life, including medical care. About medical care for pregnancies, miscarriages, and other problems women suffer. About refusal by police departments to store, maintain and test rape kits. About getting pregnant after brutal rapes, and about their rapists gaining parental rights to their children. While women's voices are finally being heard in protest against notorious rapists like Harvey Weinstein, all too often, women are still being intimidated into silence about the abuses they face.
We, the Green Party of Louisiana, support the rights of women to adequate medical care, including safe and legal abortions. The only person who has the right to determine whether or not a woman has an abortion is the woman herself.
Romi Elnagar, Co-chair, Green Party of Louisiana
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Voting Advice for 2019 Election

The Green Party of Louisiana endorses Teresa Kenny for Treasurer and offers recommendations for four constitutional amendments and a limited selection of other candidates. 

Please share widely. The following should be considered voting recommendations (rather than candidate endorsements):

  • Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry: Marguerite Green 
  • BESE District 1: Marion "Coach" Bonura
  • BESE District 2: Shawon Bernard 
  • State Representative 91st District: Pepper Bowen Roussel 
  • State Representative 94th District: Tammy Savoie 
  • State Representative 98th District: Marion Penny Freistadt

Penny, for example, has made the climate crisis her central campaign issue.


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2019 Convention Report


The 2019 Annual Convention of the Green Party of Louisiana was held on Saturday, January 26, in Miller Hall at Loyola University in New Orleans.

The morning and early afternoon were taken up with presentations by long-time members. Bart Everson led with a meditation and the “History of the Green Party of Louisiana,” Renate Heurich discussed “Ecological Struggles in Louisiana,” Anika Ofori gave a short speech on “Reparations,” and Lynne Serpe gave a detailed discussion of “Democracy and Voter Choice.”

The meeting then reviewed and approved an amended set of bylaws submitted by Bart Everson on behalf of the New Orleans chapter, and elected representatives to the Coordinating Committee. (The bylaws are accessible online.) The new CC comprises two members, David Bielut and Romi Elnagar, who will assume Secretarial responsibilities. The party also recognized the New Orleans chapter (Green Party of New Orleans) and approved their request to affiliate. The CC may be strengthened at a later date with members from the Green Party of New Orleans. The meeting concluded with a discussion of national committees and caucuses by Romi Elnagar.


November 2018 Ballot Initiatives


Democracy for sale — cheap!


Democracy is precious, or so I thought. Turns out it’s fairly affordable.

New Orleanians know all too well that our democratic process can be subverted. The desired outcome can be purchased for the right price. On Friday, we got an object lesson in one of the many ways this can work. It’s rare to see specific numbers attached, and it’s appalling to realize just how cheap the price tag is.

You might have missed it in the Jazz Fest madness. To recap, on Friday The Lens reported that at least some of the people in orange shirts that packed City Hall hearings on Entergy’s proposed gas plant were, in fact, paid actors.

Exactly how many hired actors were in the crowd remains unclear. The Lens confirms four. Everyone who got paid had to sign a nondisclosure agreement, so these are just the people who talked anyway. One of these actors spotted 15 other people in the crowd he knew from the film industry. There’s every reason to expect that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Congratulations Morgan Moss

The results are in from Saturday's election.

Rayville mayor:

  • Harry Lewis, Democrat: 342, 58 percent 
  • Morgan Moss Jr., Green: 219, 37 percent
  • Cassius Clay Muhammad, Independent: 25, 4 percent

(source: The News-Star)

Congratulations to Morgan Moss for setting a new bar. 37% may be the best-ever showing by percentage for a Green in the state of Louisiana.


Morgan for Mayor

The election for Mayor of Rayville, Lousiana is this Saturday, March 24. The incumbent Rayville Mayor, Harry Lewis, Democrat, drew two contenders — Cassius Clay Muhammad, Independent, and Morgan Moss Jr., Green.

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New Orleans Green Party issues voting advice for November runoff election

November 7, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana

runoff advice

The Green Party of New Orleans (NOLA Greens) has prepared voting advice for the November 18, 2017, runoff election. Our voting advice is based on a survey of our members and how closely each candidate or ballot measure aligns with Green Party values, most notably the party's commitment to community-based economics, diversity, and social justice. 


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New Orleans Green Party Calls on Gov. Edwards to Maximize Guard Relief to Puerto Rico

In light of the devastation brought to Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria—which Gen. Honoré recently called “bigger than Katrina”—the Green Party of New Orleans (NOLA Greens) calls on Gov. John Bel Edwards to exercise his command authority over the Louisiana National Guard and immediately maximize its deployment and relief to Puerto Rico. The NOLA Greens appreciate that Gov. Edwards has already deployed several hundred personnel to Puerto Rico, however the dire situation calls for stronger, swifter efforts.

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New Orleans Green Party issues voting advice for October primary election

October 1, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana


The Green Party of New Orleans (NOLA Greens) has prepared voting advice for the October 14, 2017, election. Our voting advice is based on how closely each candidate or ballot measure aligns with Green Party values, most notably the party's commitment to community-based economics, diversity, and social justice. We thank the New Orleans Harm Reduction Network for the discussion during our preparation of this advice. While we discuss three races here, we provide voting advice for the entire ballot (see table above), with one exception. (PDF version available.)

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