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  • Call us at (504) 613-4224 (you may need to leave a voicemail)
  • Email the Green Party of Louisiana Secretary at secretary [at] lagreens [dot] org.
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  • Antoine Mason
    Do I have to always vote the Green party in the election? It’s okay if I do.
  • Randy Shields
  • Delaney Reed
    Hi! I’m am highly interested in getting as involved with the green party as possible! I want to work for the cause and be helpful for our communities. Let me know any opportunities in the Baron Rouge area please. Thanks!
  • Jerry Shuckhart
    I would really like to have a local chapter set up in the Baton Rouge area. I feel like there are many people in this region that have the same views of the Green Party but feel there is no party affiliated with their views. I have personally felt this way until recently when I had discovered the Green Party through a Facebook group I’m invested in. I feel as though a lot of people in this area just want a group that have similar interest in politics as them without the belittlement from any party set up in this area.
  • Alicia Gallup
    I would like to establish a local Northeast Louisiana chapter.

    We need more awareness.
  • Wolfgang Wehle

    Is your party politically active in New Orleans, or with Howie Hawkins’ campaign? Would like to get involved

  • Dennis Lambert
    I have officially declared my candidacy and have my website up and running. I am looking forward to working with the Louisiana Greens!
  • Dennis Lambert
    I have not officially declared, but I am running for POTUS 2020.

    I am initiating communications to begin discussions on ballot access and to encourage others to run on the Green Party ticket.
  • Keith Dorwick
    I may be interested in volunteering….
  • Ryan Hargis