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  • Eliot Barron
    This is a fledgling effort but it's got good genes. Who knows what about why or when and how we'll go green in 2018?
  • Eliot Barron
    This is a fledgling effort but it's got good genes. Who knows what about why or when and how we'll go green in 2018?
  • Eliot Barron
    Very excited by recent developments in Orleans Parish; whats happening online? Are we engaging at all with the citizenry? Do people out there want more or less of us? How can we maximize our efforts or minimize burn out given this that and the other thing?
  • Dyllon Jagneaux
  • Trey Richard
  • Kenny Sanders
    If it is an interesting moment in politics for your Green Party in Louisiana, like it is in Ohio, then it’s a good time to talk about the history of the Green Party in America. The Ohio Green Party Youth Caucus & Summit County Greens came together in June to host an event in Ohio to educate newcomers to the party about our excellent party history, and also offering opportunity to meet & greet builders of our party. Above all things it was a fun reason for our Greens to get together to talk about the issues.

    We’d modeled this little bit of GP hx with an ongoing trend that has created an influx of new Greens this past year, and translated the theme with our event schedule, we hosted the Ohio Green Enter event! This way new Greens have a historic presentation of the party.

    Our event was in Akron, OH, with invites sent to Greens all around the state and with an open welcoming to independents or voters on the fence of whom to vote for. Inspired by one Youtube video made by Kevin Ronca where he described how he entered the Green Party after meeting Jill Stein, we Greens also told our stories of how we Green Entered.

    Kenneth Mejia and Constance Gadell-Newton teleconferenced in telling the audience their #GreenEnter stories. Our state’s beloved Joe Demare and founder David Ellison also spoke.

    After the effect of hosting the hastag trend on location, there has been discussion from Greens around the state inspired to host #GreenEnter events in their locality. We envision every state hosting Green Enter events! At the end of the year, the website could have a publication of how 2017 was the year the Green Party told the stories of it’s roots, from the seasoned veterans to the freshest Greens. We’ve been in contact with the GP press & media sec about our landmark event in June, and mentioned we hope to see more Green Enter events happen across the country this year, it’s an exciting concept from the response received.

    This message is to encourage the Louisiana Green Party to host a statewide invite #GreenEnter event of it’s own. Our Ohio livestream has seen 330 views! And, the Green Enter stories we uploaded to Youtube for promotion is responsive with our following. The Green Party of Summit County seen it’s ‘likes’ on Facebook boost from 90 to 140 during promotion of Ohio Green Enter. Harness the #GreenEnter hashtag momentum and have some fun hosting a Green Enter about your state party!

    Young Greens of Ohio volunteers are messaging every state in the country this text. Ohio has hosted a Green Enter event, is Louisiana next to?

    Here is a link to a Green Enter Events Planner for you:

    Here is the Ohio Green Enter event page reference:

    Here is a link to the livestream of Ohio Green Enter on Facebook:

    During the Young Greens of Ohio calls coordinating this event, when the call would adjourn, we would count down to a cheer of solidarity in unison, Green Enter!

    With the fierce urgency of Greens!

    All the Best,

    Kenny Sanders

    Young Greens of Ohio

    Greens for Turner Volunteer Colonel
  • Keith Dorwick
    I may be interested in volunteering….
  • Craig Morse
    Where can I find a list of Green Party endorsements for LA, Orleans Parish, and New Orleans?
  • Leonard Joseph
    A 6″ × 6″ ad in the LSU Revielle Newspaper costs just $279.00. The Paper is picked up by 5,000 to 8,000 students 5 days a week. Are you using this media to inform young voters about Jill’s college debt plank?
  • Sam Doss
  • Ryan Hargis
  • Debra Killian