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Feasibility Study on Charity Hospital Renovation


A feasibility study released today indicates that it would be 20% cheaper to renovate New Orleans’ Charity Hospital into a state-of-the-art facility than it would be to build a new hospital on another site.  The report, commissioned by the Foundation for Historical Louisiana and created by a team of architectural, structural engineering and financial consulting firms led by RMJM Hillier have estimated that completely overhauling the existing hospital building would cost $484 million, compared to a $620 million price tag for the creation of a similar facility in another location.

“Can Charity Hospital be turned into a modern hospital? We say unequivocally that it can,” stated Steve McDaniel of RMJM Hillier, the Principal Architect of the renovation plans.  These plans included tearing out the entire inside of the building and replacing all existing services such as heating and cooling systems with new, modern systems.

At its presentation the study was praised by healthcare activists including Green Party of Greater New Orleans (GPGNO) member Brad Ott. 

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Oil Spill in New Orleans

A number of images of the oil spill tour can be found at the Louisiana Environmental Action Network's site. View LEAN Report Now »

Mississippi River at New Orleans Shut After Fuel Spill. Associated Press Video Below:

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Green Party Presidential Nominee Cynthia McKinney on Democracy Now!

First All-Women-of-Color Presidential Ticket in US History: Green Party Nominee Cynthia McKinney and Running Mate Rosa Clemente on War, Democracy and Hip Hop

The Green Party made history last week when it nominated the first all-women-of-color presidential ticket in US history. Former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who was the first African American woman elected to Congress in Georgia, won the Green Party’s nomination last Monday. Listen to the Democracy Now! Report...

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New Orleans East Chef Menteur Landfill

Media Advisory–September 11, 2007
After Katrina, the residents of New Orleans East were shocked that the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) and the Mayor of New Orleans approved dumping of potentially hazardous household materials at the Chef Menteur Landfill at 166000 Chef Menteur Highway without first placing a leachate collection liner. It posed long-term threats to the ecology of the nearby Bayou Savage National Wildlife Refuge, the Maxtent Canal, and the water supply of the residential community living within 1 mile of the landfill.

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A Resolution to Reopen New Orleans' Rev. Avery C. Alexander Charity Hospital NOW!


The Green Party of Louisiana Endorsed the following Resolution at the State convention on Sept. 8 2007

As survivors of Hurricane Katrina we are soliciting your support on this resolution to have health care services restored at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. In particular, we are concerned about the mental health services at the Rev. Avery C. Alexander Campus. Everyone should be fully aware of the mental and physical distress that the people of New Orleans have been under and continue to endure. Many who had no mental or physical issues prior to the hurricane are becoming ill and have no where to go due to the closure of this public hospital.

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Hope is Not A Plan: A Letter From New Orleans, One Year Later

 news_spot_hopenotplan.jpgBy Jason Neville

I rode my bike around the neighborhood, one on high ground and spared most–but not all–of the wrath. These same streets had dried-up toxic floodwaters crisped in the sun like fish scales when I rode my bike around the city nine months ago, and wafts of toxins and garbage and dead things filled the air.

The air seemed less foul this time around, but every once in a while the a frail breeze would stir the stagnant summer air, and churn up an awful reminder that "foul nests of mold" (1) were still present in little hiding spots like rabbits, but at least not oozed out across the streets like before. The scent was fleeting but the memories were not.

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New Orleans: the Making of an Urban Catastrophe

by Robert Caldwell
”Race and class divided even the sick. Tenet paid private contractors to evacuate its hospitals, and so did HCA to evacuate Tulane Hospital that it runs -- well before Charity Hospital, the region's trauma hospital whose patients are poor and overwhelmingly black, received any help. ” Read the Article...

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Green Party Louisiana's Newest Qualified Political Party


Historic Step for Progressive and Radical Politics

NEW ORLEANS: In a historic move for progressive politics in Louisiana, the Green Party has become the state's newest qualified political party.

For the first time since 1916, when the Socialist party lost its qualification, Louisianans will have a qualified progressive party on the ballots.

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