2019 Convention Report


The 2019 Annual Convention of the Green Party of Louisiana was held on Saturday, January 26, in Miller Hall at Loyola University in New Orleans.

The morning and early afternoon were taken up with presentations by long-time members. Bart Everson led with a meditation and the “History of the Green Party of Louisiana,” Renate Heurich discussed “Ecological Struggles in Louisiana,” Anika Ofori gave a short speech on “Reparations,” and Lynne Serpe gave a detailed discussion of “Democracy and Voter Choice.”

The meeting then reviewed and approved an amended set of bylaws submitted by Bart Everson on behalf of the New Orleans chapter, and elected representatives to the Coordinating Committee. (The bylaws are accessible online.) The new CC comprises two members, David Bielut and Romi Elnagar, who will assume Secretarial responsibilities. The party also recognized the New Orleans chapter (Green Party of New Orleans) and approved their request to affiliate. The CC may be strengthened at a later date with members from the Green Party of New Orleans. The meeting concluded with a discussion of national committees and caucuses by Romi Elnagar.