New Orleans Green Party issues voting advice for October primary election

October 1, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana


The Green Party of New Orleans (NOLA Greens) has prepared voting advice for the October 14, 2017, election. Our voting advice is based on how closely each candidate or ballot measure aligns with Green Party values, most notably the party's commitment to community-based economics, diversity, and social justice. We thank the New Orleans Harm Reduction Network for the discussion during our preparation of this advice. While we discuss three races here, we provide voting advice for the entire ballot (see table above), with one exception. (PDF version available.)


The NOLA Greens came to know LaToya Cantrell as a community-minded neighborhood activist with a knack for making connections and getting things done in post-Katrina New Orleans. As mayor we will urge her to act in accordance with her campaign rhetoric about harsh disparities and inequities in our city.

The NOLA Greens advise vote LaToya Cantrell for Mayor, City of New Orleans.


The NOLA Greens have grave reservations about this election on process grounds. According to Dr. Dwight McKenna, Rep. Cedric Richmond arranged a meeting with candidates, McKenna and Dr. Jeffrey Rouse, though Richmond has refused to comment on press inquiries about the matter. Later, on August 24, Rouse held a press conference to announce that he was calling off his election campaign. However, Rouse's announcement was after the deadline to remove his name from the ballot.

The NOLA Greens object to the lack of transparency in this matter, and most of all, we object to the electorate's being denied a meaningful election. We advise voting for Rouse as an exercise of our democratic rights and potentially to compel a meaningful election. That is, if re-elected, Rouse is free to resign and compel a special election, an election that should have multiple candidates competing for the public's approval.

The NOLA Greens advise vote Jeffrey Rouse for Coroner.


The NOLA Greens consider a tax exemption on construction materials a significant giveaway to house-flipping and AirBnb developers. Given the scarcity of affordable housing in New Orleans, we feel these predatory developers' paying their fair share of taxes is the least they should do, literally.

The NOLA Greens advise vote No on Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1.

Please be advised that, across the nation, Republican officials are working in concert to deny the right to vote of people of color, most notably using the so-called Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. The NOLA Greens advise all eligible voters to vote and to be prepared to resist any attempts to deny their vote. To do so, vote early if possible; the last day of early voting is October 7th. Whenever you vote, be prepared to wait in a long line; bring some water, a snack, an umbrella, maybe even a book and a chair. If you encounter anything unusual—being turned away, a malfunction in the voting machine—call the Orleans Parish Board of Elections at (504) 658-8300 and insist that your concerns are addressed. Also, be advised that individuals who have felony convictions but have completed serving all sentences (prison, probation and parole) do have the right to vote in Louisiana and must re-register to vote to exercise it.

For more information, contact Bart Everson at (504) 520-5164.