New Orleans Green Party Calls on Gov. Edwards to Maximize Guard Relief to Puerto Rico

In light of the devastation brought to Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria—which Gen. Honoré recently called “bigger than Katrina”—the Green Party of New Orleans (NOLA Greens) calls on Gov. John Bel Edwards to exercise his command authority over the Louisiana National Guard and immediately maximize its deployment and relief to Puerto Rico. The NOLA Greens appreciate that Gov. Edwards has already deployed several hundred personnel to Puerto Rico, however the dire situation calls for stronger, swifter efforts.

As Louisianians, we naturally appreciate the hazards posed to Americans everywhere by recent powerful hurricanes. The all-volunteer “Cajun Navy” gained notoriety for its rescue efforts in Houston and east Texas in the wake of Hurricane Irma.Of course, Houston provided tremendous relief to Louisianians after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The NOLA Greens call on Gov. Edwards to continue this tradition of mutual hurricane aid to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. Louisiana's tradition of hurricane relief is not even limited to the U.S.

In 1998, after deadly Hurricane Mitch landed in Honduras, the Louisiana National Guard led New Horizons, a six month humanitarian deployment in Honduras. During New Horizons, thousands of Guard personnel delivered basic medical care and over 500,000 pounds of medicine, water, clothing, and food, while repairing roads and bridges and building schools and clinics.

The NOLA Greens call on Gov. Edwards to deliver at least the level of support to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico that we afforded Honduras. Furthermore, we call on Gov. Edwards to allow empty, returning transport to bring any willing Puerto Ricans to Louisiana, so they may avail themselves of any medical and social services to which they're entitled.

For more information, contact Bart Everson at (504) 520-5164.