HB776: Voting Rights Stripped from Green, Libertarian, Reform Parties?

Open Letter to House & Govt. Affairs Committee
HB776 was presented as a pro-active and theoretical cost saving measure on behalf of the Secretary of State's office, however it not only disenfranchises voters of the Green, Libertarian, and Reform parties but it also disenfranchises the "unaffiliated" voters as well.


Statewide Voter Registration Count for Reference:
Democratic: 1,517,563
Republicans: 741,926
Other Parties Total: 645,771

HB776 effects more than a theoretical "Mickey Mouse Party" (as it was referred to) banding together to topple the budget of the Secretary of State. This bill will disenfranchise 645,771 registered voters. Please regard this issue for its face value.

The following glaring issues of HB776:
1. The Green Party, Reform Party and Libertarian parties will be DENIED  congressional primaries with no alternative by law to choosing a nominee.

2. "Unaffiliated" voters will be DENIED the option to vote for another party other than the Democratic party when they go to vote in a Congressional Primary.

3. MORE confusion will be created for smaller "recognized party" voters. For example, a Green Party voter goes to vote in a primary and there are 2 candidates running.  What will the poll worker be required to say when those voters are turned away?

Comparison was made on May 19th 2009 that the registered voter threshold would be consistent with the Presidential Preference Primaries. Please note that this is not a fair comparison because those primaries are non-binding elections which inevitably are decided via state party conventions.

Most importantly, please oppose HB776 because it seeks to limit voters rights rather than protect them.

Sean Clark
Green Party of Louisiana, Secretary

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May 19th meeting. Watch this video (skip to 20min in):


Next meeting Wed. May 27th.

You may read HB776 here:
http://www.legis.state.la.us/billdata/byinst.asp?sessionid=09RS&billtype=HB&billno=776 (Select "Text Current" for PDF)