Green Party of New Orleans

The Green Party of New Orleans is an alliance of people in the greater metro area working to give electoral expression to the social movements for justice, ecology, democracy, and peace. We support the Ten Key Values of the Green Party: community-based economics, decentralization, ecological wisdom, feminism, future focus, global responsibility, grassroots democracy, nonviolence, respect for diversity (anti-racism), and social justice.

Read our charter (adopted November 2016), bylaws (adopted December 2017) and local platform (developed 2018).

We are not formally affiliated with the Green Party of Louisiana yet, but we are working on it.

For upcoming meetings, please check the calendar.

Please join us!

Note: We’re on Facebook too!

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  • mike howells
    Inviting N.O. Greens to the following press conference : Putting a Spotlight on Real Corruption at N.O. City Hall. Evidence of real estate related illegal activity involving the N.O. Mayor’s Office, the Orleans Parish Assessors Office, and the for profit Archon Corporation. The conference begins at 6pm. The main speaker is Anthony Brown. Event is sponsored by the Louisiana Socialist Network.