Green Party of New Orleans Platform

Green Party of New Orleans: Chapter Platform

DRAFT: 10.03.18. This is a living document that will be updated as our understanding evolves. Drafts published here reflect the consensus of our local chapter. 

Our Vision: Life in the Big Easy should be a lot easier. Our beautiful city could be a lot more beautiful. We must elect officials who support ecological wisdom, social justice, peace, grassroots democracy, and community based economics.


New Orleans will be underwater soon. Rising sea levels are driven by climate change which is in turn driven by carbon emissions from the fossil fuel economy. We must change this economy now.

Democratize Energy: Use energy that is clean, affordable, and under local control.

  • Bring utilities under the direct control of the city council

Abolish Garbage: Create a city where there is zero waste of resources.

  • Adopt laws and policies that require the use of renewable resources

Move Clean, Fast, Cheap: Transportation is the main way we use fossil fuels. We need public transit that is accessible, efficient, and environmentally sound.

  • More better buses: make ‘em electric, and let people ride free
  • Increase size of the RTA Board of Commissioners by 3 spots which are reserved for rider representatives (2 from Orleans Parish, 1 from Jefferson Parish)
  • More routes, walking paths, and protected shelters

Live with (not Against) Water: Re-design our waterways and waterfronts for our use and enjoyment

  • Make the riverfront and lakefront accessible to the people


Our quality of life is better when we have a say in the day-to-day decisions that affect us. It’s our duty to be engaged. We need structures that promote access and accountability.

Make Voting Count: Use verifiable, secure, and accessible voting processes.

  • Adopt instant run-off voting

Achieve Universal Suffrage: Give every person the right to vote.

  • Voting rights for all adults, including those experiencing incarceration

Make Representation More Representative: Democracy is effective when it’s practiced at the smallest scale and allowed to “trickle up”

  • Expand the City Council: make districts smaller
  • Establish neighborhood councils

Free the Ballot: Offer more people a chance at the ballot

  • Adopt policies that support free and open elections
  • Same day voter registration
  • Adopt automatic, opt-out voter registration

Public Schools Deserve Public Decision-Making: Ensure democratic and community input and oversight of public schools

  • Increase number of school board seats
  • Create community boards comprised of parents, teachers, students, and community members  to oversee schools


We must act with compassion, treat victims of violence with respect, and reach at-risk youth.

Decriminalize Drugs: Treat drug abuse as a public and mental health issue, not a criminal one.

  • Lower penalties for use and possession of drugs
  • Use diversion programs and drug courts; lower fees to increase access
  • Offer rehabilitation and treatment
  • Establish needle exchange program and harm reduction centers

Resolve Conflicts with the Community in Mind: Offer community-based dispute resolution services.

  • Give voice to victims in criminal matters
  • Implement restorative justice practices
  • Offer city-supported alternative dispute resolution methods


Those closest to a problem are closest to the solution. Human rights are for all people.

Advance Reparations: Adopt local policies and practices that are based in the national call for reparations.

  • Acknowledge the legacy of slavery
  • Hold accountable institutions who benefited from slavery
  • Support national movement for reparations to Americans of African descent

Stop Mass Surveillance: Remove city-wide network of surveillance cameras.

  • Hold a referendum on surveillance and traffic cameras

Hold the DA & OPP Accountable: Create community boards to oversee the DA and OPP.


Community Control of Community Property: Transfer unused and city-owned property to community- based land trusts.

  • Transfer properties in lieu of tax sales and auctions

Grow the Cooperative Economy

  • Expand tax exemptions for cultural products to goods produced by cooperatives.

Guarantee Internet Access

  • WiFi for All: Provide city-funded public broadband access to all residents of the city.
  • Restore Net-Neutrality

Guarantee a Living Wage

  • Establish $15 as the minimum wage
  • Take care of workers in the service industry: raise minimum hourly wage for waiters & other service workers; create health insurance and benefit pools.