Women's March New Orleans 1/21/17

It was a very humid 75 degree January day when 10-15,000 people marched the streets of New Orleans, joining millions around the world for the biggest protest in American history. The march meant so much to so many. Some came out to tell President Trump that they don't appreciate how he has treated women, others wanted to show their support and gratitude for the services Planned Parenthood provides, the issues are multifaceted and many (to say the least) . Women's rights are human rights, they effect everyone. It is sad that in 2017 we are still fighting for equality for people of all genders, colors, religions etc. If you don't see that these issues are relevant and worth fighting for then, I believe you are apart of the problem. With so much of the focus inauguration weekend on the few isolated riots, I felt it was especially important to show how many thousands of people protested peacefully. In New Orleans we danced in the streets, hugged friends and showed the world our resolve to fight for justice and equality for all.
Check out the 4 part video I made that gives you a virtual experience through the 2017 Women's March, New Orleans style.
Here's part one:
You can get the rest on my personal YouTube page: www.youtube.com/mirandamurrayfirefly
And a special thanks to the musician man who didn't get his loading truck out in time for providing my great view. 
Miranda Murray
Co-chair of the Louisiana Green Party