Voting Advice for November 2016 Election

Although we agree that the voting prospects in Louisiana can often leave much to be desired, nevertheless we strongly advocate for voter participation and strong voter turnout. So, it is in that spirit that we offer up a "cheat sheet" which you can take into the booth with you. They're not all Green, but in our opinion they're the "least-bad" choices for the election coming up on 8 November 2016.


Cheat Sheet

Note: The preceding does not represent the consensus of the Party as a whole or indeed anyone but a small group of Greens in process of forming a local in New Orleans.

We apologize for the New Orleans-centric nature of this card. Please be aware that there may be other items on your ballot depending on where you live. Visit for complete election information including sample ballots and polling locations. Thanks to the Advocate for reminding us that photo ID is not required to vote.

For in-depth analysis of these races, please see Antigravity's excellent "Anti-Oppression/Anti-BS Voting Guide."