Resolute in St. Tammany

It's great to see the St. Tammany Greens get some more press.

For some, resolutions are strictly political, and related to direct grassroots action. Comment from Abita Springs resident Stewart Eastman -- who has spoken in the past about local history and other issues at events by the local chapter of Green Party of Louisiana -- centers on resolutions to spread his personal political views and those of the party he's involved with.

"The New Year's resolution of the Green Party of St. Tammany is to recruit and run a candidate for Congress this year for the first time," Eastman said. "Last year our Green candidate got about 4% of the vote in St. Tammany in the state elections, which is more than the 2% often used to consider a candidate serious."

"We'll try to do even better in 2016 with the environment," he added, mentioning the issues of climate change and fracking as "hot topics" for the coming year.

Green Party Watch further notes:

St. Tammany is located in Louisiana’s First Congressional District, currently represented by Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.