Greens in the News

A tip of the hat to the following publications for their recent coverage of Green Party people in Louisiana...

Antigravity took note of William Boartfield:

Firstly, your Harm Reduction Voter Guides would like to commend 18-year-old William Boartfield, Jr, for trying to run for Mayor of Gretna this election. Though ultimately disqualified, Boartfield – who is also the co-chair of the Louisiana Green Party – told the New Orleans Advocate that “I ran mostly because no one was running against an administration that isn’t being held accountable… I still will fight for what I believe in.”

He pledged to push for law enforcement reform through grassroots organizing. We respect you, Boartfield, for acknowledging the power of local office to effect positive change.

And Mid-City Messenger covered the recent New Orleans meeting:

While the New Orleans Green Party isn’t officially endorsing any candidate for Saturday’s local elections, party organizers did recommend two candidates over the others.