Danil Faust statement on disqualification

It is official. I have been disqualified as a candidate for Clerk of Criminal Court. They pulled out the legendary Ike Spears to defeat me today. It was an open and shut case honestly since I had not changed my registration to Green at the time of qualification and the law is clear. I had incorrectly assumed that Federal law applied and I had until the election to change my party registration. It happens.

More disturbing to me? Fredrick Brooks was disqualified as a candidate for Sheriff.

Results are waiting for Noonie Man Batiste. Eldon Anderson and Kenneth Cutno will be facing the courts on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

This is our "democracy". The courtrooms determine the shape of the ballots and the people with money determine the judgement in the courts. There are no second lines. There are no microphones chanting and cheering. This is where you face the true political power.

Am I quitting politics? No. I am taking a bit of a break to get everything else in my life organized. I had spent the past year working for this moment and it must be kicked down the road.

I appreciate the activist groups. However, I have problems with their choosing to beg for recognition from the establishment picks. There is no more powerful form of activism than putting your name on the ballot. It's not me that will suffer. It's the youth of this city who will suffer delays in their paperwork being processed while they sit in a jail cell. It's our votes that will be facing unsecured methodology.

As I said, I am taking a break for this week and will have more information on the path forward next week.

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