Black Lives in Louisiana Matter

Our New Orleans local drafted the following statement today (19 July 2016)

We the Green Party of New Orleans wish to express our support of and solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. In light of the recent tragic deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and so many others at the hands of the police it is imperative those who seek democracy work together. Our respective movements are aligned with regards to a shared vision for how to transform our communities. We strongly oppose the militarization of local police forces and mass incarceration. We support measures to increase local community oversight of police to ensure accountability. We stand ready to support the struggles of BLM in their pursuit of peace and justice in Louisiana and the country as a whole.

Register Now for 2016 State Convention

We’re at venue capacity for the convention, but you can still register for the waitlist in case we’re able to secure a larger meeting space. (Contact us if you can help with that.)

Greens in Gambit

Louisiana Greens are quoted in Robert Morris’ front-page story for the Gambit, “Seeking a third: Louisiana’s Libertarian and Green parties.” Give it a look, and if you’re interested in helping to build an electoral expression of the movements for justice, ecology, democracy and peace, then please join us at our 2016 convention. If you’re in New Orleans, come out for the next Green Party of New Orleans meeting.
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Save the Date

The 2016 annual convention for the Green Party of Louisiana will be held Saturday, July 30th, at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans.

GPLA_logo_outlines copy_green

Watch this site for more details coming soon.

This is a volunteer-driven event. If you’re interested in getting involved, let us know!

Post-Primary Reflections

A recent column by Bart Everson reflects on the election cycle after Louisiana’s recent Presidential Preference Primary, and includes a photo of a voter registration drive orchestrated by the Green Party of New Orleans

Read it here: Past Our Primary

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On the Radio


Kezia Kamenetz of WTUL News and Views speaks to Bart Everson of the Green Party of New Orleans about “why he believes third party organizing to be beneficial to our democracy and a potentially powerful way to channel the energy and excitement of the Bernie Sanders campaign.” The Green Party of New Orleans will be hosting a voter registration drive this Saturday at the 10th Hike for the Lafitte Greenway event. Their next meeting will be March 22nd at the Keller Library.

(Please note that Friends of Lafitte Greenway is not affiliated with the Green Party.)

NOLA Meetings Coming Up

A group of Greens in New Orleans has established meeting dates for the first part of 2016. See Green Party of New Orleans for details. If you are planning local meetings in your area, let us know.

A Letter to Our New Governor

Bart Everson has written a letter to John Bel Edwards.

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Resolute in St. Tammany

It’s great to see the St. Tammany Greens get some more press.

For some, resolutions are strictly political, and related to direct grassroots action. Comment from Abita Springs resident Stewart Eastman — who has spoken in the past about local history and other issues at events by the local chapter of Green Party of Louisiana — centers on resolutions to spread his personal political views and those of the party he’s involved with.

“The New Year’s resolution of the Green Party of St. Tammany is to recruit and run a candidate for Congress this year for the first time,” Eastman said. “Last year our Green candidate got about 4% of the vote in St. Tammany in the state elections, which is more than the 2% often used to consider a candidate serious.”

“We’ll try to do even better in 2016 with the environment,” he added, mentioning the issues of climate change and fracking as “hot topics” for the coming year.

Green Party Watch further notes:

St. Tammany is located in Louisiana’s First Congressional District, currently represented by Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Electoral Dates for 2016

Comatose Voting Booth

There are four dates scheduled for elections in Louisiana this year:
March 5, April 9, November 8, and December 10.

Louisiana law says you must be registered 30 days before an election to vote. This means that the last day to register to vote for each of the four elections in 2016 are as follows:
February 3, March 9, October 11, and November 9.

Keep these dates in mind as you plan voter registration drives in your community.

Note: You can find more information, such as dates for early voting and voting by mail, on the Secretary of State’s website.

Photo Credit: Comatose Voting Booth by Maitri